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Thursday, 17 April 2014
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Asculta Lollipops - Coarda colorata


Superspy (Save Ferris)

Just the other day
I was walking by myself
Little kids at play
Old man talking to himself
I went outside to get a drink
Sat down by the door to think
Out of the corner of my eye
Caught a glimpse of the superspy
When he saw me look his way
He jumped down that alley way

Then I saw that man
In his black suit and cadillac
Suckin' on a lollipop

Next night I went on a date
Runnin' to the movies late
I recognize that coat and hat
Puffin' on a cigarette
Cruisin' my house
Buggin' my phone
When will I be left alone?

Why's he followin' me?
Everywhere I go
Superspy blow

Then I saw that man
In his black suit and cadillac
Why's he following me?
Everywhere I go
Superspy I see
Whoa, I see
Whoa, I see

Feel The Pain (The Genius)

I feel I'm a threat to high powered MC's
Cause when I roll up on their live shows they kinda freeze
From being approached by The Genius of rap
Whose poetry makes hands on a clock clap
You see, I be coming with strong rhymes galore
That even a stubborn MC can't ignore
That trying to defeat me brings about danger
Like a child speaking to a stranger
Soft MC's, I see more and more
With an ancient style, the prehistoric bore
Yes, they scream and roar until their throat get sore
Now they're running to the neighborhood drug store
To buy the cough drop for what? The wrong hip hop
Now they swear they're on the good ship lollipop
But it's a sweet trip to the candy shop
POW!, now it's a six feet drop
For stealin' rhymes which is incorrect
Of those who speak on how others are weak
You wanna sneak peek of the hype technique?
Don't make me run up on start flipping like
I'm insane, or you'll feel the pain

I appreciate your comments of my creation
Your standing up followed by your standing ovation
Your kindliness to listen to the true MC
Those who know me make me #1 cause they agree
I rock on and on past the break of dawn
Ask Rakeem, Unique Ason, or even Melquan
Cause I be flowing at the same time showing
Hard headed individuals who don't be knowing
That I wreck it, cause my style was perfected
And injected into a drop beat selected
By who? Easy-Mo-Bee, the engineer
But don't forget the hypest in the Northern Hemisphere
The G, the, The G, the, The Genius
From Earth, not Mercury or Venus
Or Mars, cause then I'll be martian
But even in that world I'll still be squashin'
Brothers who feel they have the heart
To battle me, then I'll just trip them apart
Don't make me run up and start flippin' like I'm
Insane, or you'll feel the pain

Ghetto Youth (Tricky)

(vocals by Sky)

Me's a ghetto youth
Me come from straight dung ina the ghetto
Seen, Rockfort, Warica
Seen, Matches Lane
Jungle Heights
all I and I are one.
Me a tell ya
All Bull Bay Heights and dem heights dey.
big dem up
Seen, I you a hear me
Wicked ina de ghetto mi bredda
Wicked to the max
And you done know the man have youth and youth
a come up (translation- boys become men)
And you see when
And the father drop out
Dem no know no father so dem come up tun gunman. (tun=turn)
Me done know, because a so de ghetto (so=how)
run a so the politician do it
dem bring in a bag a gun
and barrage a ting and seen run pon youth and then
when you check it out.
Dem send dem police friend to come for dem gun
And dem say dem not running gun and dem tings deh.
And bere tings in a ghetto (translation-that`s how
things are in the ghetto)
Seen, man no stop kill man.
Seen, man no stop rob man.
A no dem tings deh we want ina Jamaica (trans.- we
don't want those things in the ghetto)
We want love, unity, seen, strength and energy.
Yeah, we want a whole heap of things to go on for the
ghetto youth all next year.
You done know me as one a dem uprighting ghetto
Seen, so we a start from way down dey so. (trans.-
"we start at the bottom of the barrel")
We no just a come from no way and a come up ya so.
(trans- we don't just come from nowhere, we're right here)
A way dung de so man a come from.
Say man a come way from the rock, when me say de rock,
me mean the rock,
Dem have flour mill and cement company the most worst industry inna di whole caribbean country
man know from man did bawn(born)
We no got no royalty, know what me say?
Yeah, buil'(build)up all one place we dem call Texaco
Them sinting(thing)we'(where) dem a store.
Gas fi'(for) plane, gas to this, gas to that, gas to everything.
An' if a likkle fire ever get weh?=(If a little fire ever gets away i.e. started
Wow, mi nu' say di word.
Mi' don know seh(I already know that) my little friend over there .
Chu, mi nah lef' him at all(I'm not leaving him at all0
See Tricky?
Gwan hol' tings.(Keep doing your thing)
You don' know yuh a up front man.(You already know you're an honest man)
Yes me brother, Sky de yassuh.(Sky is over here)
And a easy we a easy an' a buss one reason and tings.
I tell ya, the youth.
You a god blessed picnee(=children), trust me.
I wanna show ya'll a thing about the ghetto.
See the ghetto
yu'(you)see Kisco pop(cheap, sugary soda that was sold in Jamaica and many other Third World British exploited countries), lollipop, an all of them pop there.
Yeah, I and I a juggle them from mi a' nine from down dessuh(there).
See yu know is cool me just a go a sister mammy
See ya don't know man a'(is) ghetto youth, see?
Straight boy original, see?
Yeah, and noboby can fool we and no bigga' heads(those who think they're more powerful)can come use we.
Yeah, that's the way we run things.
We just DEAL wid tings, we sell suck suck an' them things.
an' ping pong and them thing an'star and daily news an' enquire and X news for earn our own paper.
Yeah, cause we nah let nu'(we're not gonna let)some boy come tell about 6 to 6 and 6 to 12 and nuh half hour this and half hour dat and you drink champagne and cock up(put up) yu' foot an' inna place an' ting unda' AC(ting=things)(unda'=under)
An' we ah out dessuh a bruk our hand and our neck fi yu'(And we're out there breaking our hand and neck for you)
We nuh work dem de ways(We don't work those ways)
That's how the ghetto youth live.
That's why them ever try to elevate us, I and I ya see?
Dem nuh want (they don't want)I and I elevate out of the slum.
Cause dem know who, we have 'hole heap of wisdom
Same way we mek paper, we mek use of dat too
We done know seh(we already knew that) our mother and our father never have nothing, from way down dessuh.

Trust me me brother.
See that's how I and I come up.
Go to school without lunch money and them sitin'(things) there.
That's why I and I no love nuh big heads(conceited older person).
Only thing I love a'the little youth dem a wear khaki suit(Jamaican school children uniform)
from yu' wear uniform me and you nuh friend me brother.
I tell ya, mi nuh shame fi talk or chant or anything ya want.
I and I know.
Liberty a liberty, yu see?
Reality a reality see?
We no promote none of them boy over there.
See them stay over one side and go and eat them turkey and drink them what they wanna drink them.
De way dem a gwan' suh when dem drink dem guiness
and kick back and go and meditate and see?
Yeah, live with people mek(make)people live with we.
Ya know what me say?
Yeah, 'cause when I tell ya me brother, see a pure chain and bondage dem a have we unda, see?
Babylon release the chain but them a use dem brain, see?
Trust me.
That's why I and I nuh gauze(bother) fi dem see?
Guy dem we a buil' up dem big pretty church and nah build nuh school.

Candy Shop (50 Cent)

[Intro - 50 Cent]
Yeah! Uh huh! So seductive!

[Chorus - 50 Cent & (Olivia)]
I'll take you to the candy shop
I'll let you lick the lollipop
Go ahead girl and don't you stop
Keep going till you hit the spot, WHOA!
(I'll take you to the candy shop)
(Boy one taste of what I got)
(I'll have you spending all you got)
(Keep going till you hit the spot, WHOA!)

[Verse - 50 Cent]
You can have it your way, how do you want it?
You gon back that thang up or should I push up on it
Temperature rising, okay, let's go to the next level
Dance floor, jam packed, hot as a tea kettle
I'll break it down for ya now, baby it's simple
If you be a nympho, I'll be a nympho
In the hotel or in the back of the rental
On the beach or in the park, it's whatever you into
Got the Magic Stick, I'm the love doctor
Have your friends teasing you bout how sprung I got you
Wanna show me you can work it baby, no problem
Get on top, then get to bouncing round like a low rider
I'm a seasoned vet when it come to this shit
After you work up a sweat you can play wit the stick
I'm trying to explain baby the best way I can
I'll melt in your mouth girl not in your hand


[Bridge - 50 Cent & (Olivia)]
Girl what we do (what we do)
And where we do (and where we do)
The things we do (things we do)
Are just between me and you (oh yeahhh)

[Verse - 50 Cent]
Give it to me baby, nice and slow
Climb on top, ride like you in a rodeo
You ain't never heard it sound like this before
Cause I ain't never put it down like this
Soon as I come through the door, she get to pulling on my zipper
It's like it's a race, who could get undressed quicker
Isn't it ironic how ** it is to watch her in thongs
Having me thinking about that**after I'm gone
I touch the right spot at the right time
Lights on or lights off, she like it from behind
So seductive, you should see the way she wind
Her hips in slow mo on the floor when we grind
As long as she ain't stopping homie, I ain't stopping
Dripping wet wit sweat man it's on and popping
On my champagne campaign, bottle after bottle it's on
Now we gon sip to every bubble now every bottle is gone

[Chorus - repeat 2x]

Lollipop (The Chordettes)

Lollipop -
(Julius Dixon & Beverly Ross)

Lollipop lollipop
Oh lolli lolli lolli
Lollipop lollipop
Oh lolli lolli lolli
Lollipop lollipop
Oh lolli lolli lolli
Lollipop (pop)

Repeat Chorus:

Call my baby lollipop
Tell you why
His kiss is sweeter than an apple pie
And when he does his shaky rockin' dance
Man, I haven't got a chance

I call him
Lollipop lollipop
Oh lolli lolli lolli
Lollipop lollipop.....

Sweeter than candy on a stick
Huckleberry, cherry or lime
If you had a choice
He'd be your pick
But lollipop is mine

Lollipop lollipop
Oh lolli lolli lolli
Lollipop lollipop.....

Crazy way he thrills me
Tell you why
Just like a lightning from the sky
He loves to kiss me till I can't see straight

I call him
Lollipop lollipop
Oh lolli lolli lolli
Lollipop lollipop.....

Repeat Chorus:

Recorded by:
The Chordettes 1958, and by all the Girl groups of the era.
#95 - Billboard Top 100 - 1958

You Want The Candy (The Raveonettes)

I know that you want the candy
Gimme candy I've never had
Tastes so sweet makes good love bad

Sweet sweet lips
The taste of you tonight
Turn me on
Strangers in delight
Sugar done melt the day
The dark comes bittersweet
Black lollipops
Come on gimme a dirty treat

I know that you want the candy
Gimme candy I've never had
Tastes so sweet makes good love bad

Fallen out with my love
A grievous time to pass
Sugar done break my heart
A heart not meant to last
In spite of saddened days
I hooked myself on you
But all my troubled ways
Still walked with me boo hoo

I know that you want the candy
Gimme candy I've never had
Tastes so sweet makes good love bad

Gimme some C to kill
Gimme some C to tease
Gimme some C so I can wrap
Myself in you
Oh please

But everything came around
Candy done taste sweet
Made me think what I found
AN expired love treat
I gave myself to you
I wanted nothing back
I plowed my way through hell
For a sweet sweet love attack

I know that you want the candy
Gimme candy I've never had
Tastes so sweet makes good love bad

Teenage Mustache (Locust)

Want to stay young?
Well abort now.
Otherwise you'regoing to make
a great dead cop.
Bet you think you are going to change color
standing there on all four feet
getting licked like a lollipop.

No, No, No (Tony Touch Featuring Heltah Skeltah, Starang Wonduh)

[samples] {Ruck}

[yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah]
{Bitches on my **in dick yo
I'm a jump up in the whip yo}
[uh, no, no,no]
{Tony Touch what we takin this through?}
[yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah]
{Bushwick, Brownsville, R.N.S., Real Nigga Shit}
[uh, no, no,no]

Verse 1:
(Starang Wonduh)

Now ya'll niggas know the whole damn B.Ville is evil
Step to the microphone, ya see skills
Niggas wanna step to us, ya gotta be real
C'mon down to Picken & Cris, its a done deal
?Barcaskiasco?, in the Benz with the rosco
I seen big booty Melinda jumpin out the Tahoe
Just coming from Payless, she stay stress
Talkin bout her cousin Lisa failed the AIDS test (damn)
She was tellin me bout her trip from Miami
Thinkin strapped tight "it might run up in the family"
Askin who's at the crib, only us
It was Ruck, Rock and my man Tony Touch

Verse 2:

Hey, Ho!
What it is?
Damn, how wigged out could it get?
We got Rock, Ruck, Starang, Tony Touch
Smokin drinkin chicks, we bout to bone these sluts
I can't front I'm a sucker for a swollen butt
So to conversate I keep this gat loaded up
So we're real close to us with a wondering eye on watch
For them faggots on they blocks and cops
(tell 'em who I forgot)
For all yall CB4 niggas
Them cockblockin to the 4th power whore niggas
Ya'll gonna have me pack out the 4-5th and get to spazzin B
I'd rather be
Scorin with ya sister
Its Rock-colo on some Magnum Force crook shit
With Tony Toca, from Brownsville to Bushwick
Smokin the good shit (good shit)
Undoubtedly plot
** a lollipop, your bitch suck cock in the spot

[samples](Starang Wundah)<Rock>{Ruck}

(Bitches feel Picken & Cris shit) [yeah, yeah]
(Do we get props when we spit this)[yeah, yeah]
[yeah] {Im' sayin can I get my dick licked?}[uh, no, no,no]

(Ya'll like that Will, Al, and Shawn shit) [yeah, yeah]
<Yeah yeah them niggas got the bomb shit>[yeah, yeah]
[yeah] {You wanna smoke my dram, kid?}[uh, no, no,no]

Verse 3:
(Tony Touch)

Aiyyo ? with the In Your Ring logo
Hit you with like 15 years worth of promos
Ran through ya town and held it down for dolo
Rocked every show from Tokyo to SoHo
Oh no
I'm havin a rap attack
Shell-toe Adidas with the hat to match
Of course Magnum Force spittin back-to-back
Yo Ruck, what the **? Where you at with that

Verse 4:

Yo what you laughing at son
I'm packin my guns and rappin over African drums
I see shorty on the side I'm lookin back at her buns
Yo I know she on my dick, that when the mackin begun
Only though on my mind was to get between her
Hips like Jennifer Lopez, face like Selena
Hope she aint a bitch like Misdemeanor
Tony touched her tits and she turned like Tina
My man Will saw it and he couldn't believe her
Way the bitch look, yo we got to team her
Put Spanish Fly in shorty-wop's Tequilla
And took her to the Jeep so the team could cream her
I did all that shit, it was a waste of time
I pulled the thong out her booty, it was laced with brown
I aint **in with this bitch cus she smell like shit yo
But I don't give a ** she can suck my dick though
My man Rock said "you need to stop it now"
She got the whole Jeep smellin like ?Baccalow?

[uh, no, no,no]


(We on some Bob Marley spliff shit) [yeah, yeah]
{Do we get props when we spit this}[yeah, yeah]
[yeah] {damn yo, I still can't get my dick licked?}[uh, no, no,no]

(Do Tony Touch got tha bomb shit) [yeah, yeah]
<Y'all niggas love all that hard shit>[yeah, yeah]
[yeah] {Aiyyo I wanna ** ya moms bitch}[uh, no, no,no]

Outro :

BCC is in tha house
MFC is in tha house
OGC is in tha house
Heltah Skeltah is in tha house
Reprasentativz is in tha house
Tony Toca is in tha house

The Floor (Johnny Gill)

The Floor
Johnny Gill

(Gonna hit it) Ski-doody-doom-da-nah (oh yeah) ski-doody-doom-da-nah Ski-doody-doom-da-nah (oh yeah) ski-doom-dah

Bottoms up, it's too hot in here
Where's the fire truck when you need o-one
I want a firm foundation, a knockout derriere
I can't believe that my eyes are gaspin' for air

Unlike before, so much to explore
All I need and more, I'm gonna hit the floor
No kids in the candy store, get a lollipop at the door
I won't be no more, I'm gonna hit the floor

A bedrocker (a bedrocker) anytime, gotta keep, gotta keep it on the level
Lay it low (lay it low), with feet sky high (feet sky high)
When you drive a wide load, you better go for what you know

Unlike before, so much to explore
All I need and more, I'm gonna hit the floor-oor-oor-oor
So much to explore, I'm gonna hit the floor
I'm gonna hit the floor-oor-oor-oor, I'm gonna hit the floor

Earthquake shakes whenever you move
The word heartbreaker describes you
Nice full back, there just waitin' to score
A stallion to break, so whatever it takes
Got my boots, got my hat, got my ridin' pants
To enhance the romantic circumstance
With you-ou-ou-ou, you-ou, ahh, it's all I want

Here we go, I'm gonna hit the floor, so much to-oo-oo-oo-oo explore
Here I go, I'm gonna hit the floor
Soon as I hit the door, I won't be no more
I won't get, you're **y undies under the door

Whatever you want (yeah), whatever you need (yeah)
I'm gonna give it (yeah), just let me rule it

Gonna hit the, gonna hit the floor
Earthquake shakes whenever you move
The word heartbreaker describes you-ou-ou-ou
Nice full back just waiting to score-ore-ore
I tell you what I'm gonna do, Ic1

Hotel (Tori Amos)

Met'em in a hotel
Met'em in a hotel beneath ground
tell me that he's missing
tell me this is one for Lollipop Gestapo
You were wild where are you now
You were wild where are you now

give me more
give me more
give me more

I have to learn to let you crash down
I have to learn to let you crash

Met'em in a hotel
Met'em in a hotel
you say he's the biggest thing
there'll be this year
I guess that what I'm seeking
I guess that what I'm seeking isn't here

Met him in a hotel
Met him in a guess world
guessed anyone but you

You were wild where are you now
You were wild where are you now

give me more
give me more
give me more

I have to learn to let you crash down
I have to learn to let you crash

where are the velvets
when you're coming down

You were wild where are you now
You were wild where are you now

King Solomon's Mines
Exit 75
I'm still alive
I'm still alive
I'm still alive


Videoclip Noroc tv 2011 Official Facebook Page http://www.facebook.com/LollipopsMoldova.

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