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Friday, 31 March 2017
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Asculta Saniuta fuge


Mi Se Rupe (Parazitii)

Nu hotaraste nimeni pentru mine ce e etic sau moral,
Daca mor te ia la ** corpul meu astral.
Sunt inofensiv, dar gândul meu e criminal,
Atât de natural denaturez cuvintele în timp real.
Sunt alergic la uniforme,
Creez dezordine pâna la noi ordine.
Furt calificat pe timp de noapte
În stare de ebrietate,
Doua pocnitori nereabilitate.
Ma distreaza rau raul cotidian, n-am remediu,
Pentru ce spun as fi ars de viu în evul mediu.
Azi papagalul e vopsit în culori de cioara,
Sunt un rebut social într-o tara murdara.
E un fum special în aer,
Crezi ca delirez?
Idei, avertizez în public,
Nu sunt pudic.

Refren (x2)
Când e cald, io trec la rece,
Berile din zece-n zece,
Vezi tu? Timpu' trece.
Mi se rupe, stii ca mi se rupe,
Mi se rupe, stii ca mi se rupe inima.

Opriti muzica din cluburi! Atentie la mese!
Vreau o românca s-o garnitura de negrese,
Nimic nu-mi iese
Când folosesc cuvinte alese,
Vreau sa mi se deconteze banii care-i (sic!) dau la zdrente.
Alerg prin noapte
Trecând prin toate
Cluburile private,
Sa se puna cu noi înca nimeni nu poate.
Poate doar parerea mea conteaza
Sunt inapt când tre' sa fac ceva ce nu ma intereseaza,
Se lasa iar cu alea-alea daca intru în gura lumii,
Unii înca se mai sterg la gura în amintirea pulii.

Refren (x2)

Sunt agentul 0,
0-0 lei depusi pe carduri
Încoronat la 100 de litri garduri.
Indiferent ca dau repede sau ca dau lent
E evident ca nu-s indiferent când dau la sentiment.
Întâlnesc frecvent fetite cu codite
Pline de fite
Calca parca pe urmele mamelor
Si se bat pe locul 1 în cartea recoardelor.
Vin bagabontii câta frunza, câta iarba baga
Se scapa cu spaga
Nimeni nu-i leaga
Cunosc toate miscarile din tara,
Nimeni nu fuge,
Cine sapa groapa altuia departe ajunge.
Mos Craciun exista [Ho-ho!]
Vine prin baie,
Eu l-am demascat brutal pe tata cu un sut în coaie.
Sunt satul
De-atâtea frectii si discutii
Si stiti,
Nici mie nu-mi place "Parazitii".

Refren (x2)

Word Play (Bahamadia)

Peep my credentials involving instruments rhymes ** the cells in
your mental relieves you of the babblin' that you use to every since
the departing days of the juice crew my style been milk like a bottle
of YooHoo was neva mc monkey see monkey do I move through baby real
natural pose for "illadel" when I gets lyrical ou-ou like Cool Cee use
to do I make the kids wanna Rah like Afu shouts to Mecca cause the
planets mad digable allow me to pause and hit the Mork nanu -
My aura is psychedelic flow non-prehistoric metamorphic boric like
acid no hat tricks a classic so park that**like Jurassic and check
the matrix completed like 7 (seven) to overshadow the triple 6 (six)
complimenting zig-a-zicks with wisdom like the 5 percenters when doing
mathematics flips scripts like acrobatics intrinsic in rapping like
insulin to diabetics text is didactic with nutrience like muslix on
wax flex facts like hydraulics when vexed to catch flicks by Miramax
or Kodak I looks beyond the door like 100x for Wordplay...
Breaks out analogies like pollen do allergies got the vocab like the
Fugees to collect gees top Bill like Bellamy shocking hardcore headz
like electricity cuts come complimentary of jockey Sean-Ski yo vocally
BAHAMA-D be easy like Moe-Bee raps react radio act like DJ Ran and
Colby to the Roots like Malik B. flows pose as noise reduction on MCs
like dolby down by law like felonies catchy like T-B Essential to the
Elements like Ceceley with Wordplay ...

Nappy Heads (Featuring Lauryn Hill, Wyclef Jean & Pras Michel) (The Fugees)

Why am I trapped in a cage? (the nappy heads are comin' out)
Barber, can I get a fade? (the nappy heads are comin' out)
Teacher, teacher, check my grades (the nappy heads are comin' out)
I grab the mic in a rage

You maintain to put a negro in pain, you used to diss me
"You sure you wanna hang with old Eddie Kane?"
Ain't nuttin wrong, so snap your head to the song
Word is bond, you get wrong, I'll have you sing like Louis Armstrong
And I say to myself, what a wonderful world
But what the ** was so wonderful bout pickin cotton on a farm?
The harder they come, the harder they fall, so come one come all
Don't stall or I'ma stick you like a voodoo doll
Doors locked stop draw for the count, who drops?
Out of Hooterville land of the ill kill
Bellsburg Viking so you know I'm top ranking Phil
Some say newcomer like the yuma but save the rumor
Cause I've been rockin ever since eighty-three
when I used to rock my Pumas
Rap, narcotic psychotic so hear the sentencin
One out of ten, I'm passin the mic next time I'll get wicked
Heard the man who went before, got intimated
You tried to gas me up, too much gas, you got intoxicated
You wasn't ready for the real'n, dealin, chillin
Wyclef, no competition when I'm bringin pure death
I'm jumpin like a monkey to get mines off
a-from a caterpillar, to the mic moth

(the nappy heads are comin' out)
Teacher teacher check my grades (the nappy heads are comin' out)
I coulda sworn I had an A (the nappy heads are comin' out)
I grab the mic in a rage

You put, one and one together now you think you a rapper
Baseball cap backward, forearms swingin like a hip-hopper
You do the rhyme, thinkin no one can stop ya
I be the followin that chop ya down as I clock ya, hah
When I say five-oh, I mean fifty not guns or cops
Now here's the heavyweight knocker, the freedom fighter
Natural rhythm rock a mic I always rhyme I'm never drinkin vodka
Any old style, I throw it in a locker

[Lauryn Hill]
Well I'm a Gucci rocker, I never drank no vodka
Me got no bag of cheeba cause I never had a knocker
My cousin's name was Shaka, for short we called him 'Aka
I flip it on wack MC's because to me they flow like caca

You boogie move the groove, nothing to prove you lose
Your style remind of yesterday, old news
Sad sung blues who's, chose the one to feel the pain
or bring the cane, tick-tock I come to pick your lock
It's not for capital gain
So watch out for the remain, or cry from bloodstain
Bustin nuts, bustin style
Gettin buckwild some think I'm the descendant of a wilder child
Comin on the mic, from a higher level
Broke is no joke/choke the hell out of the devil

(the nappy heads are comin' out)
What about Martin? (the nappy heads are comin' out)
What about Malcolm? (the nappy heads are comin' out)
Rosa Parks? (the nappy heads are comin' out)
You hung a man after dark (the nappy heads are comin' out)
Cease the violence! (the nappy heads are comin' out)

Yo who got the power, to make a man raise from the dead?
Some said that it was Jesus, they said he was a notty dread
But I don't mean to confuse a world that's confused
Mind's atomic, so like a bomb, let me drop it
Can't get too deep, cause some sleep while I wake
in a dream that's made of wine but let me bring it back to grapes
Teacher, explain the parable, it's simple:
It's easier for the camel to go through the eye of a needle
than for you to enter the kingdom, or battle
and walk away, with the title when I get, brutal
Feelings are mutual so sign your life, to Prudential
Don't even flinch, the other becomin spiritual
There's six million ways to die but choose four
cause I can still be in the desert butt** and be hardcore

[Lauryn Hill]
When ? checks that means pump your fist
Remember Moses people, this is Exodus
Don't try to stop this, the force comes from Genesis
Them who did us wrong, ask the Lord for forgiveness
The man got a drum, made the land of the dumb
We droppin the bass drum, then we
You can't kill the battle with a .. feeling Joshua
So march to St. Lawrence
Yo march I got your back, march!

Crown Heights (the nappy heads are comin' out)
Cease the violence (the nappy heads are comin' out)
A moment of silence (the nappy heads are comin' out)
for those who died (the nappy heads are comin' out)
Public Enemy (the nappy heads are comin' out)
number one (the nappy heads are comin' out)
Fredric Douglass (the nappy heads are comin' out)
Harriet Tubman (the nappy heads are comin' out)
(the nappy heads are comin' out)
Bob Marley (the nappy heads are comin' out)
Prazwell (the nappy heads are comin' out)
To my man Khalid (the nappy heads are comin' out)

[Lauryn Hill]
Now, speak of resistance, we're nappy heads
Rhymes, kinks, braids and dreads
The mother of creation, epitome of creativity, yeah
and keep your heads nappy

Hypnotize (Luniz)

featuring Redman

Aiyyo dot dot dot who is it the prime wizard
Erykah Badu izm smoker vocal chord woof choker
Now who block is this? (Yo yo yo no no chill chill
nah nah hold up homie) We takin over!
Gimme your girl gimme your keys to your four do' Explorer
Yo Lu Nile crack their composure
(We decompose your crowd) We layin down tighter than plaques
When I blast I wild like them two bitches from Baps

Yo, the Hong Kong Fooey, human tornado like Rudy
Turning your bomb-ba-zee into doobies
Platinum overseas like the Fugees, Japanese
Germany groupies, mooshi mooshi, sniffin lines
off each other's booty love the Luniz
I went from smokin dubs to QP's
Make hits for thugs that bankin hoopies
and aimin uzis, at who dirty mackin my loochie
Come clost cock the toast and make you see Ghost-s like Whoopi

Have you ever seen a nigga get snatched up by his drawers
And wonder the cause, cuz big dope had his balls
Got small methamphetimes with colors to be Cray-ola
Took the drunkest O-A, and let the X take shit over
No need to get juiced cause it's the anti-depressant
Smile now but trip later, and put your hand out for the present
Lay down for fifteen, so your body can feel rest
Kick your feet up, and start makin beats on your chest and think

Chorus: Redman and Luniz

**, money, drugs, music
Lies, these are the things that keep niggaz...
"I was hyp-no-tized!" "I'd like to break it down down"
"Cold turn the party out" "I'd like to, I'd like to break it down down"
"Cold turn the party out"
(repeat 2X)

Ahh ahh, I smoke Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Satur-dayyyyyyah!
Two lay ya blunt, players with cream
If I die my spirit will jump inside machines
Runnin niggaz over like Christine (sorry)
I mix the green with the last piece of hashish, ass-burning
hoes in my black mink, your baby momma lovin my backseat
Freak nasty got me slappin the**cheeks of Blackstreet

So high, I'm so high I feel like I'm wearin a disguise
Superman type of, with Kryptonite eyes
Not knowin I'm trippin, I walks out to my vehic'
Buckle up for safety on my way to get some cheap shit
I'm out the parkin lot, sideways on two wheels
Vision is double, trouble to me is bein real
Listen to my big block bill cause in the town that's a earful
Shares and mo' shares, swang if it's good

Now how I get dollars, I be the rap artist blue collar
School scholars on knowledge to move dollars
I do gotta motion chirp, like Impalas
for niggaz who rock Timbs, Gortex, or new Walla's
You're facin, the Cochise of operation
And if you ain't tastin you should steady observations
Doctor/patient, leavin mics with laceratons
Love to stay bent with my doggs rollin adjacent (woof!)
And when they bark they turn your sunny days to dark
You play the back like Rosa Parks when the arc sparks
I bang rawly, do you orally
My horny sounds will pound more heavy than E-40

Chorus 1/2

I'm gettin money y'all, I'm gettin money nigga
Bend your back like Long Isle Iced Teas with five liquors
Knew about the cheddar since I took my child picture
sDial 900-Do-Away-With-All-Snitches
Stop complaining, the game is for entertainment
What is it when niggaz heads gettin covered with blankets?
It's just a one-eight-seven on your mother**in crew
I'll have your brains doin donuts like you in a rental
Flip fools with credentials, nasty like havin ** with kinfolk
Blaze high, then smoke

Drunk-a-Lot, stays on top, that's why we roll
two and two, four deep makes a crew
Red Yuk and Num with the sidekick Hennesey
Fuzzy, wuzza, fuzzy, little friend of me
Hitters on the payroll, secure because we practice
Pure ass-kick cures for who's acting drastic
Drank and buddha blast, callin shots on Motorolas
One step shy, so I'ma drank until it's over

Kick this for the fake Versace wearin fake Donna Karan Mossino
Players we know, ain't no gambino
Peons be watchin too much Casino, wannabe Nino Brown with the uzi
But clown you more like Downtown Judy
Niggaz can't fool me, I love the way you ball outta control
in your rhyme, then see you in person without a dime
But I'm global, with Reggie Noble man blazin
Dive in a crowd like Method Man and Van Halen

Chorus (repeat to fade)

Ingredients To Time Travel (Artifacts)

[sound of Keith Murray intro from Mary J. Blige 'What's the 411' tape
which I could swear has been set to B.I.G.'s "Who Shot Ya" based on
the sound of the beat (Artifacts assure me that this is Mary J.
"My subliminals, mixed with criminal chemicals
Got more mily syllables than alphabet cereal..."
*car door slams*
Tame: I gots ta get this bag of bam ba zi, ** this!
"You know who the ** I am so get off that old bullshucks!"
--> Redman (scratched sample)
"He ain't shit, you ain't shit, your momma ain't shit, daddy ain't
--> Redman (scratched sample)
[Tame One]
If I had it my way, every wack MC would die Friday
Makin Saturday a better day
Sunday wouldn't start your week off til Monday
One day tunes I wrote yesterday will be tomorrow's scriptures for
At high noon, Boom Skwad Gods with knowledge
Holler at apostles, who squalor in despair, despisin those who follow
Swallowin pride like St. Ide's while you stare... take a drink
Don't think in a eyeblink I won't start my hijinks
and hijack a flight [Yeah right, when?]
Tomorrow night, cause off the record with the treble and the bass
I chase my lyrics through the rap race
Last place is simply not an option in my case
Waste not want not because I front not
The Notty keeps his lyrical shotty cocked
and locked up at your temple, over instrumentals
("It's all in your mind") you No. 2 like the pencil
The Boom Skwadron, Godson, who got the Bop Gun
The top gun, from the jump like Datsun
I got one, candy-coated rote rhymes skits I shit on when I get on
Then flip the scripts like I had Zips on
It's on like electrical, my symmetrical
alphabetic keeps my competition ridin on my testicles
("he ain't shit, you ain't shit, ain't nobody shit")
You to the rescue, let me test you
Who the best crew, most definite
has to be the Skwad cause I'm the President
All you misrepresenters with your twelve inches need pinches
Wake the ** up and check out what this is
("he ain't shit, you ain't shit, your momma ain't shit, ain't nobody
I can't see nuttin but victories
MC's think they can get to me, then bring it
Cause once I pass the blunt to my Lieutenant then we in it
For the infinite, no play play
The notty headed Newark nigga from NJ and the Sensai
represent fully, playin bullies out for yappin
Thinkin you'll be rappin, get tapped and say you scrappin
While I been waitin hatin fake MC's that make they bacon
with passion, rippin up they stickers for reaction
Practicin on rap has-beens, I'm down with the Biz like Backspin
Dissin Mikes like the Jacksons
Thick like the lips on that Fugee chick
Hard like the dicks in booty flicks
Dissin niggaz like a snooty bitch (trick)
I only pop a coochie if it smells Gucci
Get the lucci hit it for months and then smoke blunts with the
("What's the flavor Dunn" - Tame)
You know the flavor like blue cheese
on how I make crews bleed and school MC's who try to do me
("He ain't shit, you ain't... ahh mother**er")
"Do me baby, do me baby"
("he ain't shit, you ain't shit...")
"bom ba zi, it ain't over mother**ers"
("He ain't shit, you ain't shit")
Outro: Rhino CMZ
75water, H2O, PE, alcohol, oil
Dependin on temperature, what's the hot shit?
Rhino, Tame, Boom Skwad, Hidden Descent
INI, Reflections, check the Twins
Aight God, recognize what's fake
Time to turn platinum to purple chrome
Green purple yellow red white chrome

Creators Of Destiny (Mystik Journeymen)

I'm a earth soldier.. we're here
We're here!
I'm here to umm announce that we're
taking names.. putting names on a list..
Thinking about.. what you dream about..
And also what.. you do with those dreams..

"So much soul" > sample of Common Sense repeats

My life being held within the grasp of fate
Fingertips my** s**led to the hips in systematic racism
Facing caustic reefs spread across the concrete
I beat obstacles
Manufactured harass my soul and destiny
We three testaments to hope
(Even though the evil stole this mother**in misfit)

Copy referred upon as statistics
List it, test it, shit's burned
Analyzed by report cards, hard to live a life
when you're forced to..

UAHH, within the, PIPES of the system
Where as a vision with classism
which means the poor, die, while the rich live high

Taxing your**I feel like SMACKING that**
Live on CNN, simulacastin on BBC-1
Punk-ass, politicians gettin cracked with tomahawks
stocked, with my ancient feathers
Plunge you a leather rope, with each HIT
we symbolize hope

"So much soul" --> sample of Common Sense repeats

Give us our freedom back! Better not.. fall!

"So much soul" --> sample of Common Sense repeats

Ante up on them mic skills, I'm waiting so patiently
For someone to impress besides the ones who reside
up in my home zone radius, maybe I'm biased but
I think we the highest shit, you could ever purchase
Not to put a price upon the surface cause it won't help
Compare us to a Hummer/space shuttle combination
Age twenty-four earth years, musical relation
reach plateaus of Fugee, without a concert free
Now that's me, destinies trailed without a roadmap
of hardships and mic grips, jealousy, you name it
Get bigger without lettin my ego volcano interrupt
My personality into realms of asshole, you know me
or just want to, it's all cool
As long as you come and put my baby through school
I mean really now, all and together now
Crews 'sposed to put they minds together and make albums sounds HYPE
Living Legends upLIFT the mic, and when the album drop
You know the shit will sound right.. right..
Cause it's so much soul.. cause it's so much soul..

"So much soul" --> sample of Common Sense repeats

Be Yourself (Easy As A-B-C) (The Fugees)

[Lauryn - Singing]
Can you tell me how to get......how to get to Sesame Street?
(Check it out, here we go!) - Wyclef

[Lauryn- Singing (Chorus)]
Be yourself (Just be yourself)
Easy as A-B-C (A-B-C)
Can't be no one else ( No one else!)
Just happy to be me! (Yeah! Yeah!)

Hey yo, the "A" is for achievement

[Prakazrel "Pras]
Hey yo, the "B" is for beneficent

And the "C" is for committment

And the "D" is for diligent

What about the "E", the "F", the "G", the "H", the "I", the "J?!"
I'm in my P.J.'s, I'm drinkin' O.J.! Ha Ha!

The big city, just like I pictured it (What?!)
Millions of people rushing around real quick (Real quick!)
Each one's originale, one of a kind, unique (That's right!)
So, kick back and listen while L-Boogie speaks (While L-Boogie speaks!)
Not trying to be different, just doing they own thing (Own thing!)
So come on everybody, clap your hands and sing (Just sing!)

[Chorus 2x]

Hey yo, the "K", the "L", the "M", the "N", the "O", the "P"
for "Prakazrel" in the place to be!

Hey yo, the "Q's" for quiet

The "R" for riot

The "S", the "T", the "U", the "V's" for vowels (Vowels!) - Prakazrel
The "W", "X", the "Y", the "Z's" for Zorro! Yo! See you tomorrow!

Yeah, fly like an eagle...
Well it's the Fugees
On Sesame, clap your hands do a dance with L-Jiggity!

Now Snuffy and Big Bird are having a good time (Time!)
They're walking and gawking and trying to talk to a mime (walking-n-gawking),
here, in the square where they just seen it all
But they ain't never seen a yellow bird (What?!) seven feet tall! (Seven feet

[Chorus 2x]

It's a lovely day in my neighborhood...
It's all good...
Prakazrel, L-Boogie up in here....
In my neighborhood

Refugee Camp Allstars....yeah....yeah

Down Wit Us (Redman)

* a '97 update of Boogie Down Production's "I'm Still #1"

Ha ha yo yo
My man Keith Murray is down wit us
My nigga Erick Sermon is down wit us
My man Lil' Jamal is down wit us
My Def Squad click is down wit us
The Pack Pistol Posse is down wit us yo
My L.O.D. click is down wit us
We're number one!
Ha ha ha ha ha yo yo yo well yo

It's the Red Moolie yellin for the villain in the movie
I'm like Kentucky, I pack a biscuit and a two-piece
Ya nod thorough, blows like the tri-borough
I die thorough with a metal on my chest sayin Def
Check out the rhythm that I cook up
You too scared to look up, you're merkin
I Set it Off like La in that big-ass Suburban *errrr*
Bumrush your villa then I'm closin all the curtains, LIGHTS OUT
Who's next to get stomped? I smash hardcore from Jerz
to the South South Bronx, the bizarre rap non-superstar
of course, my Actions Affirmative like Nas Escobar
Flip a quarter, heads or tails you're gettin slaughtered
I blow the S-L boy out of order
My mental disorder is pure water
I hit your wifey doggystyle in the Land
while the CD program's on 'Whatever Man'

My peoples up in Jersey, is down wit us, uhh
My peoples locked down, down wit us, uhh
My peoples in New York, is down wit us
The housing projects, is down wit us
My people who be hustlin is down wit us
Cause makin funky music is a must
I'm number one!
Ha haa! Check it check check check here we go huh huh

Aiyyo, throw yo' hands up in the mother**in air
And wave em, until y'all cash flows hit the pavement
** the B-X, I roll on fours like G-S
Signed truly yours, Funk Doctor Spock, P.S.
Rumble in the Jungle, I bumped into Fugees
on the humble, on the one-deuce, my bundles
be raw diggy, surprise you like you saw titties
on that, milk chick, watch me damage your acoustics
The Muddy Waters be blowin your tape recorders
Pull out the four niggaz steppin like they on a Nord(ic)
Track, cool out black got no time for scratch
You wanna battle, here's a lyric with a bomb attached *pssst*
These your peoples, you better call em back before I beat through
his windpipe, with the cordless mic and the cerebral
HAHH, look up in the mothar**in sky, it's a
widow, pushin a fifteen zero zero
With tinted windows, so it's hard to look through
Chickenhead shotgun, pumpin Erykah Badu
Don't snooze, you'll be like damn is it the shoes?
The way I maneuv I could slip a uz in school
I been a raw dog since I brought me an eighth
And Can't Nobody Hold Me Down like I'm Puffy and Mase

Ha hah, ha ha ha! Ha ha, aiyyo, aiyyo
Fox Boogie Brown, is down wit us
My nigga Meth-Tical, is down wit us
Yo, Thuggish Ruggish Flesh, is down wit us, yo
Yo, my homie Richie Rich, is down wit us, yo
That nigga LL Cool, is down wit us, yo
My dog Warren G, is down wit us
We're number one!
Ha hah, ha hah, ya-ha-ha, yo yo

Trigger the Gambler, down wit us, yo
My peeps West coast, is down wit us, yo
My peeps who pack toast, is down wit us yo
Atlanta, G-A, is down wit us yo
My peeps in Virginia, is down wit us yo
North Carolina, is down wit us yo
My peeps in D.C., is down wit us yo
My peeps in...

Inghetata (Anonim)

doar vara poti avea inghetata la gura
in anotimpul rece stai inghetata in p***

vin dintr-un loc specificat si pe buletin
sa ma-ncadrez in decor,t***elor,la regim!
sunt simpatic,plin de umor,tanar
in portofoliu s-a omis ca fac confuzie intre bar si sanatoriu.
o simpla replica pica prost spusa direct
nu esti handicapat,esti un om normal cu defect
daca ai t*** si b*** crezi ca poti s-apuci bani
la intrarea-n discoteca te trezesti ca n-ai 18 ani mah..
nu fa prostii mama...mentine-te virgina
stai cu cracii la solar,baga-n tine vitamina!
des urla in mine instinctul meu pervers
traiesc sa f** sau f** ca sa traiesc?
nu sunt misogin dar detest orice cadru intim
nu tin sentimenete-n portofelu' meu de vinilin..
deprim tot ce prind fara personalitate
nu sunt genul care f*** complexate...


femeia se supara ca-n loc s-o alint ii zic de canepa
doar nu sunt magician sa scot buchetele din maneca.
ce-mi pasa de farsa,n-am de gand sa-ti cad in plasa
vecina mea grasa n-ai sansa zgomotul iti f*** somnul de dupa-masa.
de ce la dus blonda fuge-ncoace si in colo o-ou
pe sampon scrie wash & go-ou
exista jegul pe pamant probabil cu un singur scop
fetele pop devin stupid rapid util tarfele rock
viata-n p****,f**** la copca...ce motiv
sa ai degetu' tampon shi gura prezervativ
zahariseste-ti peni** sa-ti dea gagica-n diabet
nu dau locatia pe doua meniuri mc',iti dau eject.
marea durere-n p*** o simte s**u' slab in gura
ambele organe...oare?...dau efecte de scursura
doar nu crezi c-o fii acelasi gust ca in farfurie
cand te stergi la C** apoi la bot cu-aceeasi hartïe.


War No More (Wyclef Jean)

"War No More"

Light is in the air right now
Two thousand and two rebel music
The saga continues
Listen, children

What's the problem in Manhattan
Every ten men they look like Bin Laden
So I have problems when I go to the airport
First thing they do they wanna ask me for my passport
The said Wyclef we love the Fugees the score
But did anybody give you any strange package to bring on board
I was like 'no'
Here comes your national guards
This look like a scene from the movie Star Wars
One foot in, one foot out standing in the airplane
I'm on tour
I'm on my way to Japan
First class, dark shades
Let the fuschia out bed
I want to sleep but keep my eyes on the cock pit
Why just think they stay target- the pilot
We gonna take over the plane
Like the Los Angeles riot
The Middle East
The Middle East
The street pack more heat than the Middle East
The Middle East
The Middle East
When will the violence sleep in the Middle East
The Middle East
The street pack more heat than the Middle East
The Middle East
The Middle East
When will the violence
Say peace
Say peace
We don't want no war no more
Let me hear the streets
Peace, oh peace
We don't want no war no more
Let me hear the Middle East now
Peace, now peace, oh peace, oh peace
We don't want no war no more
Let me hear the USA say peace
Say peace
Lord, peace
We don't want no war no more
We don't want no war no more
We don't want no war no more
We don't want no war no more
We don't want no war no more
We don't want no war no more
We don't want no war no more
Ay, peace
Oh peace
We don't want no war no more
No, no let me hear you say
Peace, peace,
Say peace, say peace
We don't want no war no more
No, no, no, no
Say peace, oh peace
We don't want no war no more
No more riots


Surorile Plescan Silviana , Oana si Aura ..in trioexpres.

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