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Tuesday, 26 September 2017
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Asculta Muscles


Meathead (Story Of The Year)

Drop the tailgate, drop the tailgate
** the jailbait, drop the water-weight
Roll the sleeves up, double XL let's go
(Malice and muscle)
Rock the dance floor, rock the dance floor
Throw the punch man, get what you paid for
Toss a kid like a spiral football throw

We know, we know
You're throwing punches to prove yourself
And it's all for show
But you're not impressing me, yeah
This life was built on heart and soul
And it doesn't mean a thing to you
But it's all we know
It's all we know
it's all we know
it's all we know
But it's all we know

What's the game plan, what's the game plan
Prove to them you're built like a real man
Flex your ego and dominate the show
(Jock manifesto)
No discretion, no progression
Open floor for unchecked aggression
You are the punchline to this pathetic joke


But it's all we know
But it's all we know

Fat And Skinny Asses (Piebald)

We're calling all allies down
Because we're so sick of waiting around
Watching you simply destroy yourself,
Cosmetics and all

Trying to not find your plans,
Like combing the beach with more sand
I'm light of foot and you're light of heart
So watch where you step and I'll watch where I stab

The end of our rope is a couch
And it's hanging us ever so slightly
Tilt your head so we don't have to
Move a muscle at all

Sitting ourselves to a death,
Not painful or quick in the least
Do we have plans at all?
This long weekend was too much for me

Too long and difficult to swallow down
What have I got to say for myself?
Well, I really got that dishwasher good
Long day, longer than most I am sure

Heat wave, hotter than most I am sure
The fan is on, but I am not feeling so cool
Next to you, I still am not feeling so cool
Yeah, well, I can't stand that look on your face
Because I know you put it there

Fun is how you make it,
Not where you make it, so take it
Why don't you get your running start,
It fears you just like I do
I know you're tired,
I know, but what if this was the last day on earth?

This album is complete.
On a personal note. ;) It sure did make me think how much I'd enjoy making reviews of lyrics and titles. *vbg*
you hafta admit the titles in this one have a way of making you grin. *hugs* Tish

Traffic (Carbon Leaf)

Don't get mad at nothin'
(Anything) that passes by
Don't yank from the sky
You make up too many voices
Too many scenario's imaginari-OH!
Dreary load
Should keep on going...writing...riding
Too long for sitting...muscle atrophy
Look at me, I'm damning my transmission
We scramble for position,
Jockey for transmission
Just make it up (got to go!)
Makin' up for lost time
Drive To Reveal
Reinvent the wheel
Still making up for lost time
Traffic! Traffic!
Silly me. Simile is like a rat trap
Beast in a steal cage.
Road rage, road rage, rode-dent-rage
Fess up, fed up. enough!
I'm messing up, make it up...for lost time


Bend shape twist and steal
Wrider's Block gets me down
Bark like a dog, yelp like Sting...
(I was hoping for my own thing)
This is not the road I should be on
This is not the road I should be on!
'Cause you might get hurt.
'Cause you could get lost
Oh, these infrastructure metaphors are a boar
I...aye, aye
I don't think I'll gO there in frustration
Make a clean departure, oh no.
There I GO!
Road Trip on my own tongue.
Oh well,
I made it thru another one...


Windshield Movie so surreally
Given up on lost time...
Given up, got me down

Mysteries Of Iniquity (Steel Prophet)

Accosted with temptation
She pulls me to the floor
Hypnotized by idols, I lust forevermore
All flights of fantasy, and pleasure I do seek
Now thrown into the realms
She knows my flesh is weak

Maidens I lust for endless time
Damning the souls of all mankind
Ingesting poison from their wine
Ripping the harvest from the vine
Succubus seducing me
Engulfed in infidelity
Perverse ** reality, mysteries of iniquity
Desire beckons me, a thousand regrets it shall be

Sweaty bodies fill the room
Their shadows on the wall
Indulging their desires
Heeding to their carnal calls
I waste no time the pleasures mine
To taste all through the night
I feel the heat take over me
Penetrating with its might

Intoxicating scent of women in the air
Animalistic instinctive fornication everywhere
Like serpents in a pile writhing all around
Muscles tense about to climax wailing eerie sounds
I'm drawn into this ecstasy
Knowing guilt will soon follow me
In bondage to my lust, as my soul fades into dust


Asap, asap, asap
Asap, asap, asap
Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, you niggaz better exit
Asap, asap, asap, asap
Ay-s, ay-p, ay-s, ay-p
Asap, asap, asap, asap
Ay-s, ay-p, ay-s, ay-p
Asap, asap, asap, asap
A-s-a-p, A-S-A-P

[Verse 1]
I'm on my grind, grand hustle
Got the mind and the muscle
50 carrats in the crown just to shine on you suckas
I still tote the Glock 40 for the haters and the bustas
** probation, if a nigga try to play me I'ma bust him
Ion't need no security, reaching for my jewlery
Get you niggaz popped quick, filled full of hot shit
Fresh out the box Tip hot than a drop 6
Made a quarter mil' in the penn givin' stock tips
Haters wanna stop Tip, mad 'cus they not Tip
Ball every summer so your baby mama jock Tip
You don't no drama pimp, I promise I do not slip
Chrome 4-5th, hid well if the cops trip
Bought my girl a Hummer with the chrome right in front of dat
5 carrat stones with the platinum all up under dat
Rap beef I ain't gonna participate in none of dat
I'm aimin' at your fitted cap and you ain't gonna want none of dat

(Asap asap asap...)
A nigga try to play me, I'ma blow him off the map A-S-A-P
Ask anbody who runnin' a G, bet they finna say me A-S-A-P
Niggaz hatin' on P.S.C. get straightened A-S-A-P
A nigga try to play me, I'ma blow him off the map A-S-A-P

[Verse 2]
I know alota rappers don't like me, but they won't fight me
Feds swear I sell dope, well why they won't indict me?
Advances on the throne, I ain't never take it lightly
But all that tongue-wrestlin' hatin' while I'm gone don't excite me
How many rappers you know that could hold they own on White street
East steady talkin' on the cell phone nightly
Normal po**tion, half the jail just like me
Polices think I'm crazy, scared a nigga gon' strike me
Contrarily, a nigga tryin' me is unlikely
They barkin' don't bother me, I'll be bombin' 'for they bite me
They just shocked to see my rap's exactly how my life be
Shiesty, with a conversation quite pricey
My fist so rocky and and wrist so icey
Might be, thrown off my rocker just slightly
Fiesty, claimin' hot temper don't ignite me
I'm only gonna ask ya find the exit once politely

(Asap asap asap...)
A nigga try to play me, I'ma blow him off the map A-S-A-P
Ask anbody who runnin' a G, bet they finna say me A-S-A-P
Niggaz hatin' on P.S.C. get straightened A-S-A-P
A nigga try to play me, I'ma blow him off the map A-S-A-P

[Verse 3]
Flip, say who known to the land and the people
My plan is to keep you atleast 2, levels under me where I need you
I'ma take advantage of my chance to defeat you
Your true colors done shown, now it's on when I see you
I'm grown nigga, so let it be know we ain't equal
You sadly mistaken if you thinkin' I can't reach you
Beat you, to a **in' pulp if I need to
The very spot ya standin' in then is where I'll leave you
Seen on the scene white tees and the v-suits
O.G. status, Ion't beef unless I need to
Sissy you way outa line and you runnin' outa time
Hang behind closed do's when ya heard I got some time
Yeah I know you were thinkin' outa sight and outa mind
But I'm the wrong one for you to try if you were tryna shine
Listen nigga this shit here is more than just alota rhymes
Ion't know what ya do for your respect, but I'ma die for mine

(Asap asap asap...)
A nigga try to play me, I'ma blow him off the map A-S-A-P
Ask anbody who runnin' a G, bet they finna say me A-S-A-P
Niggaz hatin' on P.S.C. get straightened A-S-A-P
A nigga try to play me, I'ma blow him off the map A-S-A-P

Asap, asap, asap
Asap, asap, asap
Asap... asap, A-S-A-P, A-S-A-P
Asap, asap, asap
Asap, asap, asap
Asap... asap, A-S-A-P, A-S-A-P

Rubberbandman (T.I.)

(Ay, who i be?)
Rubber band man
Wild as the Taliban
9 in my right
45 in my other hand.
(who i'm is?)
Call me trouble man
always in trouble man
worth a couple hundred grand
chevys, all colors man

[Verse 1:]
Rubber band man
like a one man band
treat these niggas like the Apollo
and i'm the sandman.
Tote a hundred grand
Canon in the waistband
Looking fo a sweet lick?
Well this is the wrong place man.
Seven time felon, what i care about a case man?
I'm campaigning to bury the hate,
so say ya grace man.
Ay, I don't talk behind a nigga back
I say it in his face.
I'm a thoroughbred nigga.
I don't fake and i don't hate.
Check my resume nigga.
My record's impeccable
Anywhere in the A nigga
how TIP is highly respectable.
And the MIA nigga
I'm tryna keep it professional
Cause all this tongue rastling.
finna have me snappin, i'm tellin you.
From the bottom of tha Duval,
Cakalacky to New York
and everybody showin me love
that's one to you all.
Yeah, to all my Florida niggas, my Cakalacky niggas
my LA niggas

[Chorus 2x]

[Verse 2:]
Call me trouble man
Stayed in some trouble man
Some niggas still hatin on shawty
so they some suckas man.
Got a couple fans
that love to do nothing other than
lick, suck, show no respect
but still i love em man.
Dig it, lil pimpin got the mind and the muscle
Stay down on his grind
Put the crown on the hustle
Ay, I could show ya how to juggle anything
and make it double.
Weed, blow, real estate, liquor sto
wit no trouble.
Young cats is playin today
Marvin**e of my time.
Tryna stay alive
Livin how i say in my rhymes.
My cousin used to tell me
take this shit a day at a time.
and told me Friday, died Sunday
We a day in the ground.
I still smile cuz somehow
I know he seeing me now
and so i'm doing all my shows
just like he in the crowd.
Ay, tho ya lightas up for my cousin Toot,
Aaliyah, Left Eye and Jam Master Jay.

[Chorus 2x]

[Verse 3:]
Grand Hustle man
Mo hustles than hustle man.
But why the rubber band?
It representin the struggle man.
My folk gon trap
until they come up wit another plan
Stack and crumble bread
to get theyself off they mama land.
Gangstas who been servin
since you was doing the runnin man.
Went down, did 10
back round and rich again.
That's why i'm young
wit the soul of a old man
I'm shell shocked, get shot
slow ya roll man.
Still ride around
with the glock on patrol man.
I ain't robbing,
I'm just lookin for that dro man.
For ma niggas slangin blow, pimpin hos
Rollin vogues, 24s.
Let these other niggas know.

[Chorus 2x]

The Wanker Song (One Week Parody) (Club Veg)

(To the tune "One Week" by the Bare** Ladies)

It's been, four weeks since you slept with me,
I was horny both turtlnecked and angry.
One month since you looked at me,
said, come to bed I'm ready
get over here and bang me.

Four weeks since you polished me, parked the pink cadillac and held the sausage hostage.
Too long since your pigskin bus drove
in to tuna town
and lost most of its luggage.

Blue balls I got a back log,
I gotta jack off,
burp the worm and spank the monkey.
I get flustered so I tussle with the love pump the make the slug jump there's a lack o
rump a pumpy.
I yank the doodle, drain the dragon,
I miss the shaggin',
so I sit and cuff the puppy.
Beat the bishop thad the rabbit,
choke the sheriff
or while he's waiting for the posse
Goin' pop the purple pimple
wax the weasel
pound the flounder
stroke the pope
and toss off a batch of orphans.
Gonna flick the stick
or slam the ham
jerk the gerkin
take a shake and break
and then mani**te the mango.

I can't help it I go white water wristing, all
I need's a night of indoor fishing.
I choke the chicken
and I don't know how to thank ya.
Is it any wonder now that I've become a wank-a. I have a tendency to bumpin' Mr. Cyclops,
I have a history of punishing the pope.

It's been four weeks since you've honed the bone so I tenderize my beef
I tussle with my muscle.
Long time since we drove it home,
gotta slap my happy sacks around and do the knuckle shuffle.
One month since our privates talked,
there was a time when we'd grind every night
and it was so fine.
Now I plant the seed and jack the bean stalk
and I dully try to shine
what's mine until I go blind.

Punch the munchkin....bark the shank

Pump the python....yank the crank

Check the dipstick....butter corn

Take a quick trip....around the horn

Shine the cobra....tame the hog

Chokin' Kojak....pet the dog


Digital Glitch (Transport)

You’ve been, been hiding in books behind doors and • In sleep and in sitcoms, get rich quick schemes • I got the feeling that lately you try to avoid me • You’re looking straight through me • Excuse me, excuse me, but why? Why? • What’s this all for?

In stitches I fidget with digital glitches • A million mental pictures running through my little brain • Then I wrestle with the muscles in my face • To place the smile that once came easily to me you see • I’m not what I appear to be • It’s not me, this is not me

Domo Arigato, domo arigato, domo arigato • Arigato, arigato • Domo Arigato, domo arigato, domo arigato • Arigato, arigato

Stand on ceremony waiting for the doctor’s orders • Gotta go and see him ‘cause the fat is clogging your aorta • Bankers queue is building while the traffic jam is mounting • And the commuters are shouting silently under their breath

Television talking at you ** idiotic • While the magazines are tempting you with images ** • But the dream is unattainable, headlines interchangeable • Your piece of mind is made of all the spaces in between the lies • Lies, ** lies

Domo Arigato, domo arigato, domo arigato • Arigato, arigato • Domo Arigato, domo arigato, domo arigato • Arigato, arigato

Do you know? Do you know? • Do you know how to get home? How to get home? • You’re sliding, you’re sliding, you’re sliding down • No! Take…take…take me home!

Domo Arigato, domo arigato, domo arigato • Arigato, thanks! • Domo Arigato, domo arigato, domo arigato • I’m taking my toys and going home!

(Rose) Tint My World (Rocky Horror Picture Show Soundtrack)

It was great when it all began.
I was a regular Frankie fan.
But it was over when he had the plan
To start a-working on a muscle man.
Now the only thing that gives me hope
Is my love of a certain dope.
Rose tints my world, keeps me safe from my trouble and pain.

I'm just seven hours old,
Truly beautiful to behold.
And somebody should be told
My libido hasn't been controlled.
Now the only thing I've come to trust
Is an orgasmic rush of lust.
Rose tints my world and keeps me safe from my trouble and pain.

It's beyond me; help me Mommy!
I'll be good; you'll see.
Take this dream away.
What's this? Let's see,
I feel **y!
What's come over me?
Whoa! Here it comes again.

I feel released; bad times deceased.
My confidence has increased; reality is here.
The game has been disbanded
My mind has been expanded.
It's a gas that Frankie's landed!
His lust is so sincere.

In The Aeroplane Over The Sea (Matt Pond PA)

What a beautiful face
I have found in this place
That is circling all round the sun
What a beautiful dream
That could flash on the screen
In a blink of an eye and be gone from me
Soft and sweet
Let me hold it close and keep it here with me

And one day we will die
And our ashes will fly from the aeroplane over the sea
But for now we are young
Let us lay in the sun
And count every beautiful thing we can see
Love to be
In the arms of all I'm keeping here with me

What a curious life we have found here tonight
There is music that sounds from the street
There are lights in the clouds
Anna's ghost all around
Hear her voice as it's rolling and ringing through me
Soft and sweet
How the notes all bend and reach above the trees

Now how I remember you
How I would push my fingers through
Your mouth to make those muscles move
That made your voice so smooth and sweet
And now we keep where we don't know
All secrets sleep in winter clothes
With one you loved so long ago
Now he don't even know his name

What a beautiful face
I have found in this place
That is circling all round the sun
And when we meet on a cloud
I'll be laughing out loud
I'll be laughing with everyone I see
Can't believe how strange it is to be anything at all


The end of Winter that is why I am abit chunky, I am hoping to loose them fat by this summer and will put up another video to show my transformation. Thank you ...

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