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Wednesday, 21 March 2018
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Cauta hemme in Asculta (Cantece) (25)

Hemme Powered Hemme Powered

Hemme Lee Comin’ Home! Hemme Lee Comin’ Home!
Bringing our Hemme Lee Patterson home in his brand new Britax car seat!

Hemme Says His First Word! Hemme Says His First Word!
UPDATE on our week at home, the ups, down and surprises. QP and Jagger will hopefully come home soon. First word may be a stretch but it sure does sound like he said HI!

Hemme - Enough Hemme - Enough
This is Christy Hemme's band Hemme and the song is Enough off the Where are you EP.

Hemme Is Coming Home 🏡 🏎✨ Hemme Is Coming Home 🏡 🏎✨


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