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Saturday, 17 March 2018
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Cauta lyrics of tinikling tagalog in Asculta (Cantece) (23)

Tinikling Song Tinikling Song

Tinikling - Philippine Folk Dance (instrumental With Music Score) Tinikling - Philippine Folk Dance (instrumental With Music Score)
Tinikling is Filipino folk dance and a folk song originated in Leyte immitating the tikling bird. Lyrics Tayo'y magsayaw irog ko ng tinikling TuladTin ng sayaw ng lolo't lola natin Ang mga...

Tinikling (audio Only) Tinikling (audio Only)
KALOOB Philippine Music and Dance Ministry www.kaloobdance.com Instruments used: RONDALLA -an ensemble of stringed instruments played with the plectrum or pick and generally known as plectrum...



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